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22nd open Evoiki ES 2019

Last update 26.10.2019 20:20:10, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Giannoutsos Panagiotis4213718GRE1648Ευβοικη Εσ
2Kouroumbas Kosmas4263022GRE1616Ευβοικη Εσ
3Liakouris Dimitrios4269217GRE1573Ευβοικη Εσ
4Anestis Ioannis4256140GRE1538Ευβοικη Εσ
5Radev Angel25820036GRE1494
6Stamelos Athanasios4283180GRE1424Ευβοικη Εσ
7Seferlis Georgios4228839GRE1313Ευβοικη Εσ
8Basinas Georgios25879693GRE1291Ευβοικη Εσ
9Makrigiannis Konstantinos25832573GRE1280ΕΥΒΟΙΚΗ ΕΣ
10Toumpakari Maria25873156GRE1234ΕΟΑΟ "Ο ΦΥΣΙΟΛΑΤΡΗΣ" ΝΙΚΑΙΑΣ
11Ziomas Konstantinos Dimitrios25879782GRE1216Ευβοικη Εσ
12Agalliu Festim42126002GRE1140Ευβοικη Εσ
13Savvas Ioannis25859480GRE1110Ευβοικη Εσ
14Makrygiannis Ion Periandros25853384GRE1079Ευβοικη Εσ
15Falagkas Ioannis25855492GRE1054Ευβοικη Εσ
16Trikas Alexandros25879766GRE914Ευβοικη Εσ
17Thiraios Rafail Athanasios42107695GRE0Ευβοικη Εσ
18Tzikeras Christos42116996GRE0Ευβοικη Εσ
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