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7mo. William Bermudez Adams In Memoriam Grupo A (Abierta)

Last update 16.09.2019 15:20:26, Creator/Last Upload: cristobalpr

Starting rank

1FMAlmedina Ortiz Edgardo J.3100197PUR2222Cayey
2FMVazquez Maccarini Danitza3101193PUR2092UPR Rio Piedras
3Zilleruelo Irizarry Diego3101460PUR2070Punta Borinquen Chess Club
4Fellman Mike2031566USA2032Bayamon
5Pinales Roussel Gabriel3101762PUR2032Club de Ajedrez de San Juan
6CMDavila Blanco Juan Jose3102378PUR2028Gurabo
7FMSosa Trani Luis A.3100022PUR2025Ponce
8WIMMorales Santos Natasha3101703PUR1945Ponce
9Matos Santoni Gamalier3102009PUR1826Club de Ajedrez Añasqueño
10Gonzalez Gonzalez Enoel3100642PUR1793Punta Borinquen Chess Club
11WCMVega Jimenez Keyshla M.3101851PUR1648Puerto Rico Chess Academy
12Soriano Pereira Raymond3107710PUR1643Club de Ajedrez Añasqueño